A new NetMQ version was released today to nuget, you can find it at https://www.nuget.org/packages/NetMQ/, or just search NetMQ on nuget.


  • Stream socket, coming from ZeroMQ, you can use NetMQ to talk to any protocol.
  • ReceiveString with a timeout parameter.
  • NetMQMessage.ToString is now returning a better result.
  • BindRandomPort – which bind the socket to a random port.
  • The assembly is now signed

Bug Fixes:

  • NetMQMonitor – Null reference exception was thrown when used ConnectDelayed.
  • NetMQScheduler – socket was created for each thread that used the scheduler.
  • Bind and Connecting on local was a big mess, now it’s working as should.
  • IPv6 – tested, also when now using IPv6 the socket will also accept IPv4 sockets if the operation system support it (> Windows Vista).

If you wonder what you can do with Stream, what about talking in WebSocket to web browser? Stay tuned for the next post…